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Mickabooh Control & Tracking Systems

for Anodizers & Platers

Mickabooh Systems offers an anodizing control and tracking system that reduces labor inputs, lowers operating costs, and reduces human error and inconsistency. The result is a more consistent process which enables production of a better product and significant cost savings. Though specially designed for the anodizing process, the control and tracking system can be adapted to other metal finishing processes that utilize manually operated rectifiers.

Our flagship product, The Mickabooh Control & Tracking System, has logged millions and millions of amp–hours and is the best product of its kind in the industry. With our low impact turnkey installations, we can bring superior automation to your existing manual lines affordably and at no time. We see an increase in process as much as 10 to 15%, resulting in an ROI of less than one year!

  • If you have gaps in your documentation, or large deviations in your coating thicknesses, we can help.
  • If your operators are running your rectifiers with knobs, we can help.
  • If you worry about your quality and wonder where it is, we can help.

Mickabooh System

The Mickabooh System is a collection of hardware and software products that provide an affordable solution for your anodizing control and analysis needs. Built with the anodizing industry in mind, The Mickabooh Control System has the specific control and documentation capabilities the industry requires.