Mickabooh Systems

Mickabooh Systems started as a small company with a simple goal; to improve quality for customers via consistency and documentation. Our mission statement since day one is twofold; improve quality through consistency and validate quality through documentation. Process control has little to do with good quality itself, rather, process control provides consistency. After you have a consistent process, you can be assured of consistent quality and can begin to make “smart” changes to the process to improve quality and throughput. Documenting each process is also critical. With proper process documentation, fluctuations can be seen and corrected before quantity becomes adversely affected. The only thing worse than processing your customers’ parts incorrectly is to process them incorrectly and not know about it. Not with Mickabooh Systems. Let us control your process and we’ll help you improve and maintain your quality.

Kevin Bodily

Kevin Bodily, the company’s founder, has many years of experience in the manufacturing industry including 10 years of specific hands-on R&D experience in the anodizing field. Coupled with 30 years of software experience, Kevin has the ability to create unique solutions for complex problems.

Having a good product only goes so far though. Mickabooh Systems goes beyond its products and has a ‘roll-up-the-sleeves and let’s get busy’ attitude. The work won’t do itself, so when need be, we will get our hands dirty to get the job done. Be it during the installation phase or years later if support is needed, we will be there to make it work.