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Printing to Multiple Reports

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Like many companies, your customers probably all have different requirements and expectations. Some many require complete documentation of your process but others may not. With the Series 5000 controller, you can define what reports get created and when they get created. In fact, you can have a custom report created for each one of your customers if you need to. Using our unique ways of creating reports layouts and setting process conditions that determine when they are printed,  we give you complete control over your process documentation.

Maybe you want internal documentation that completely records everything about each process, but don’t want to release your proprietary ways of doing things to your customers. With our controller you can easily create many different automated reports after each process. Do you need a report printed only sometimes? You can do that as well by creating an “Ask the operator” condition for a report layout. Do you run rectifiers as well as electroless processes? Fine, your can have one report layout that focuses on rectifier output and another the shows tank immersion details. It’s you choice and with the Series 5000 Controller, your ability to make the right choice just became easier.

report print conditions managerUsing the Print Condition Manager you can easily select when a report is created. You can set a condition based on which rectifier or rectifier program is run, or you can set the condition based on the value of a custom data field you have created. With our tools you will never go back to the rigid way many data loggers work.

Speaking of data loggers, how many of them create a process database and provide a query engine with it? Not many and those that do are custom built and are expensive. With the Series 5000 Controller, the process database is created and updated automatically and the DA Toolkit query engine is included. After each process, all of the data is uploaded to the database and is accessible through the toolkit.

No matter what your documentation requirements are Mickabooh Systems has you covered. From high production job shops to highly specific R & D work our ability to create and manage you process documentation is unparalleled.

Do you have custom requirement? We can address them. Simply reach out to us and let us know