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Data Fields and Programs

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In the Mickabooh Control & Tracking System, data fields are used to store information about a process allowing you to have complete process documentation. In most cases, this data field information is entered by the operator before starting a process. In some cases, however, you may have programs that are only run for a particular customer or for a particular part. In these cases, you can add the information for data fields directly into the program. Then when the operator selects the program to run it, information for those fields will be pre-populated saving your operator time.

To include data field information with a program, open the Program Manager by clicking Programs > Manage Programs from the Main Screen. When the Program Manager opens, double-click the program that you want to include information in and it will open in the Program Editor. Please see Creating a Program for details about creating programs.

After the Program Editor opens, click the Data Fields button to open the Programmed Data Fields Editor. In the Programmed Data Fields Editor, all of the available data fields will be listed on the left side. To include a data field with a program, double-click it and it will be included in the program. To remove a data field from a program, click the Remove button to the right of the included data field.

After adding the field to the program, you will need to set the information for it by entering the appropriate information. For example, if the program named 18 ASF Flash is used for the customer "Ashtech", then include the customer data field with the program and enter "Ashtech" as the value.

If the program will always be used only for "Ashtech" the Fixed option should be selected. With the Fixed option selected, the operator will not be allowed to change the data field value when running the program. If the Fixed option is not selected when the program is run, the data field will be pre-populated with "Ashtech", but the operator will have the ability to change it. This is useful when the program is normally use for "Ashtech" but may sometimes be used for other customers. Having the ability to include information with your processes is necessary for complete and accurate documentation of your process. It is also important not to slow production by forcing your operators to enter redundant information for every process. By including information directly with the program you can reduce operator data entry with and still have complete and accurate process documentation.