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What are Data Fields?

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At Mickabooh Systems, we believe that you know your business better than we do. With this in mind, we have included a very robust data management system in the Mickabooh Control & Tracking System that allows you to save the information that you need. Be it work order numbers, part numbers, or any other information, you can configure our system to save the process information that is important to you.

Data Fields in the Mickabooh Controller are tidbits of information that you need to store with the process to complete your documentation. By creating Data Fields you allow your operators to enter unique information about the process they are about to run. This data can be numeric data like measurements or counts, it can be text for a customer names or part number, or it can be a yes/no value. Regardless of the type of data you include, all of it gets recorded in the report files and becomes queryable by the DA Toolkit.

When running mixed loads or multiple work orders in the same process, your operators can enter multiple "sets" of information. Each set of information will generate a unique process report. The voltage, current and temperature information on each report will be the same, but each report will have its own data set. When running mixed loads with a data field marked as the work order field, the report will have a reference to the other work orders it ran with (the associated work orders fields). Also if you are using numeric fields, you can configure them to keep a running total for all reports. With totalized fields, the report may read Number of Racks: 2 of 4 total.

At Mickabooh Systems, we learned long ago that a controller needs to have specific functionality, but everyone has different needs. From this we have create a unique data entry method that is robust enough to suit just about everyone.