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Add Plating

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Sometimes when running a process load, there is uncertainty about exactly how long the load should run for to obtain the desired coating thickness. With the Mickabooh Control & Tracking System, you can run the load, check it at the end of the process, and if needed, add more time or amp-hours to the run; a feature we refer to as add plating.

To enable add plating for a rectifier, open the rectifier settings and select the Allow add plates on this rectifier. This is a rectifier specific setting, so you can allow add plates on some rectifiers, but not others.

add plating enabled, processes will run the same way, but when the program exhausts all of its instructions, or when the amp-hour limit is reached, the rectifier will paused the program state instead of ending it. When the rectifier pauses the program, the alarm will sound to alert the operator. This pause is identical to any other pause that may be incurred; the rectifier voltage and current will be set to zero, and the operator can pull the load for inspection. During the pause, the pause time accumulator will count, and if the pause time exceeds the maximum pause time set for the rectifier, the process will end.

If after inspecting the load the operator decide more processing is required, he will restart the program by click the resume process button . After resuming the process, the operator will confirm that more time (or amp-hours) are required. By clicking 'Cancel', the process will remain paused. Clicking 'No' will end the process and generate the process documentation if Protrak is not running (if Protrak is running, the process documentation will be created at the unload station). If the operator clicks 'Yes', he will be prompted to enter the number of addition minutes (or amp-hour) to run.

After entering the process addition and clicking 'Ok' the program will be amended with an additional hold instruction for the amount time entered by the operator. If the program is running with an amp-hour limit, the operator will enter the number of additional amp-hours to run, the program's amp-hour limit will be increased by the amount entered. Before the process resumes, the operator will be presented a final add plate confirmation prompt. Clicking 'Yes' to this prompt will finalize the edits to the program and the process will resume. Clicking 'No' will cancel the add plate and the program will remain paused.

When a program does finally end and the report is created, any addition instructions will be printed in the Program Details Block appended with the word 'EXTRA' to indicate the instructions were included in the program because of add plating. In the event the add plates included additional amp-hours, the Rectifier Results data block will show the add plate amounts by appending the amp-hour limit.