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Slow Pulsing The Series 5000 Controller

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For many anodizing processes, using a simple ramp and hold program to control the rectifier's output is sufficient to yield and acceptable coating. In some cases, however, pulsing the rectifier's output may have benefits in coating quality and reduction in processing times. Using the Mickabooh Control & Tracking System, you can quickly build very elaborate programs that include pulsing the rectifier's output. This document will discuss building and using pulse profiles in a program. Please see Creating a Programs for details about creating programs.

To use the pulsing capabilities, click the Programs > Manage Programs menu item to open the Program Manager. When the Program Manager opens, double-click a program to open it in the Program Editor. To open the Pulsing Profiler, click the Pulse instruction and select More...

Using the Pulse Profiler, you can create an instance of a single pulse using Ramp and Hold instructions just as you would when creating a program. Once the Pulse Profile is created you can then add it to a program multiple times to create a program to pulse the rectifier's output.

When building a Pulse Profile, the values that define the ramp instruction output will be entered as a percentage. When the pulse is added to a program the value of the ramp instruction is calculated as the percentage of the rectifier's output just before the pulse instruction. For example, if the 20% Downside Pulse shown is added to a program directly after a ramp to 20 volts, the pulse instruction would hold the output at 20 volts for 2 minutes, step down to 4 volts (20% of 20 volts), then hold at 4 volts for 0.5 minutes before returning the output to 20 volts. To create a new Pulse Profile, click the Add Profile button . After the new profile is created, you can rename it by selecting it and clicking the Rename button. To delete a profile, select it and click the Remove Profile button above the Pulse Profile list. When a Pulse Profile is deleted or edited, none of the programs the profile has been added to will be affected.

Using the Pulse Profiles you can create elaborate and complex programs that control your rectifiers in a few easy steps.