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Mickabooh System

The Mickabooh Control will operate multiple rectifiers from a single workstation without manually controlling the rectifiers. With our Mickabooh Control, you can create programs that will consistently control your rectifiers regardless of shift or operator.

  • Interface directly with your existing equipment
  • Creates automatic PDF reports detailing the process that was ran
  • Control System is installed directly to the PLC which is protected by being in an isolated network.

The DA Toolkit is another piece to the Mickabooh System and provides a comprehensive search and analysis capability for your process data. With it you will be able to create, save, and schedule queries. The DA Toolkit is also used as a tool to monitor process quality by searching for any anomalies that can be seen on the charts.

  • Use DA Toolkit’s search engine to find old process reports
  • Build complex queries that run on your schedule
  • Runs routinely backups of the Control data files