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An extension of The Series 5000 Controller for tracking all process tank times

What is the one single most import step in anodizing? There isn’t one. Depending on who you ask there may dozens. If the parts are not cleaned properly, they may notĀ anodize. If they’reĀ over etched, they’ll be ruined. If you don’t seal long enough, they dye will not retain. And probably the most over looked step; rinsing. If the parts are not rinsed well enough, you will have chemical contamination between baths. That’s why we created Protrak. Because with everything happening on an anodizing line, we want to give our customers assurance that their entire process has been documented.

  • Registers when a load enters and leaves a tank.
  • Records tank immersion times
  • Internal timers alert operators when the load needs to move

Eliminates gaps in your process documentation

  • Provides a complete process “road-map” that is included in the process documentation
  • Can record tank parameters such as temperature, conductivity, pH, etc.
  • Can work with or without rectifiers.