About Mickabooh Systems

Mickabooh Systems is an industrial automation software company that has over 30 years of experience creating software and 15 years of experience creating software specifically for the metal finishing industry. We are dedicated in continuing to expand our capabilities and services in the metal finishing industry, with our goal of improving quality for our customers through consistency and documentation. The Mickabooh System is designed as a scalable control and tracking software package, that gives anodizers a rich set of tools and options to control and monitor process quality and throughout quality.

We specialize in the Anodizing process with the Mickabooh Control and Tracking system that controls multiple rectifiers from a single workstation as well as records all processes that can be further analyzed for quality assurance.

Even though the system is specially designed for the anodizing process, the control and tracking system can be adapted to other metal finishing processes that utilize manually operated rectifiers.

Kevin Bodily

“Having a good product only goes so far though. Mickabooh Systems goes beyond its products and has a ‘roll-up-the-sleeves and let’s get busy’ attitude. The work won’t do itself, so when need be, we will get our hands dirty to get the job done.”