Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Mickabooh Control and Tracking System?

The Mickabooh Control and Tracking system controls and documents the anodizing process. The Mickabooh System provides complete control and data logging of all your processes and tanks. Backed by over 15 years of Research and Development working in the anodizing industry, we provide flexible solutions to achieve consistent quality.

How will the installation disrupt my production schedule?

The Mickabooh System installs a PLC to control your rectifiers, pumps and other devices, which requires some down time for installation. However, we understand that when your line is not running, you are not running parts, therefore we work around your schedule to minimize down time. With proper planning and scheduling, you can expect to be running again in approximately 2-3 hours.

Will my rectifiers work with the Mickabooh System?

Mickabooh Systems has experience installing control equipment on a wide range of rectifiers including Clinton, Dynapower (Rapid), Aldonex, Baker, Munk, Sorenson and many others. Consequently, Mickabooh Systems knows how to streamline new rectifier installations on existing equipment.

What is The Data & Analysis Toolkit?

The DA Toolkit is a software application that builds and manages the process database. It runs independently of The Mickabooh Controller and provides a rich set of post processing analysis tools. You can create daily, weekly or monthly totals or averages of your process data. You can compare your work shifts for relative part throughput, rectifier up-time, operator performance, or other variables you consider important to your operational performance. Let us know what you want to measure, and we’ll help you customize your process database. The DA Toolkit also automatically handles process and system data file backups in the controller so you can be assured your data will be available when you need it.