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Flexible off-the-shelf rectifier control

We listened to our customers and when they said they need specific features, and we added them. This is what makes ours the most versatile off-the-shelf rectifier controller on the market.

With the ability to interface with nearly any rectifier manufacturer, Control It has many features created specifically for the metal finisher.

Included Features:

  • All Anodizing Types for Aluminum and Titanium
  • Operate multiple rectifiers from a single work station
  • Consistently runs your rectifiers regardless of the operator
  • Window docking makes it easy to see processes in progress with a glance
  • Operator log-in/lock-out lets only qualified staff access vital functions
  • Complete process documentation including work orders, customers, part numbers, etc…
  • Custom reports that include the information that is important to you and your customers
  • Create a database of all your processes so you can easily find old reports
  • Use the Process Queue to get work lined up and ready
  • Ships with over 600 standard programs for you to run
  • Create your own custom programs, and use as many ramp, hold, and pause instruction as you need.
  • Create and store pulsing profiles, to save time creating programs that need pulsing to save parts from burning
  • Build virtual parts and include them in the process
  • Use the Quick Start feature to run using 720 parameters
  • Built in amp-hour limiter RETROFITS existing rectifiers with minimal installation impact
  • Completely Scalable – start with a couple of rectifiers and expand to your entire facility in the future
  • Load Sizing allows you to remove work orders during a process and generate its documentation immediately.
  • Add Plating feature allows you to extend your process run time if necessary until your parts are finished.