Recording Test Results

At Mickabooh Systems LLC, we understand how important it is for metal finishers to keep track of their various pH and concentration levels.  We have made it easy to enter data in various ways to allow for versatility in your methods.

When entering data from titration results this is ultimately the form that will aide in the process.  When titrating, there is also the option in the form to record pH results if tested at the same time.  You can access this screen by selecting the ‘Titrate Now’ icon from the ’Home’ tab, then follow the prompts to get to the results form.  If recording pH as well as titrating concentration, select the ‘Record titration pH’ option at the bottom of the ‘titration results form,’ and add the data in the additional field that will open for the pH results to be entered.

You can also right click an appointment, and select “Record Test Results” to automatically launch the window to record the results of that particular test.

Titration data recording can be tailored for different events.  For example, if just testing the concentration to see if it is within range, then just use the top part of the form. If the titration is after a decantation of the bath then select the ‘The bath decanted prior to this titration’ option.

If, however this is a titration after an add, then select the ‘This titration immediately followed an add’ option to allow you to be more precise with your data; include Chemical information like lot number, manufacturer and expiration date of the chemical.

The ‘Record titration pH’ option may be selected during any of these scenarios as well.


Let your data work for you.  Chem It will keep an updated grid of all your test result data to view or query anytime.