Data & Analysis Toolkit

Tool kit for process analysis and maintenance.

Our DA Toolkit provides a robust search engine and a comprehensive list of support and analysis tools for your process data. With it you can create, save, and schedule queries and have reports ready at your printer or via email first thing Monday morning. This tool kit handles the file management and will create routine backups of the controller’s data files, just in case.

  • Define work shifts and rectifiers in the controller and use the DA Toolkit to create efficiency and comparison charts
  • Build complex queries that run on your schedule
  • Use DA Toolkit’s advanced search engine to quickly and easily find old process results
All Anodizing Types for Aluminum and Titanium.

Schedule queries to have process reports ready at your printer Monday morning.

  • Maintain systems files in all of your controllers
  • Find old reports fast
  • Use the toolkit’s advanced charting ability