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Mickabooh Systems offers the metal finisher a product line that can reduce human error and inconsistency, and at the same time providing organized documentation for audits. All of our metal finishing products are based on Mickabooh’s Manufacturing software engine. This allows them to work together if multiple products are installed with our Enterprise+ subscription.

Control It

control it icon

Control It is our rectifier control software designed to provide consistent anodizing control. Operate multiple rectifiers from a single workstation without manually controlling the rectifiers. With Control It, you can create programs that will consistently control your rectifiers regardless of shift or operator.

  • Create programs with ramp, hold and pulse instructions to control your rectifiers
  • Guaranteed consistency regardless of the operator
  • Interface directly with your existing equipment
  • Automatically uploads all run data and reports to the DA Toolkit (Enterprise+ subscription required)

Chem It

chem it icon

Schedule titration and pH testing and manage the bath chemistry for your shop

  • Record titration and pH test results for any tank your shop has
  • Track how much chemical each tank is using, and how much it costs
  • Deep Data Analysis tool allows you to see the data exactly how you need
  • Flexible reports let you graph, find, and print trends


Enterprise+ Icon

Our Enterprise+ subscription is the optional premium plan for Control It. This plan pushes data from all of the other listed applications to the cloud, ready to be accessed from any machine with an internet connection.

  • Store your data on secure cloud servers
  • Store multiple facilities data in the same location, and view it from any computer with Mickabooh software
  • Gain access to the DA Toolkit/Webkit, which includes our advanced data analysis tools.

The DA Toolkit is an Enterprise+ exclusive piece to the Mickabooh System and provides a comprehensive search and analysis capability for your process data. With it you will be able to create, save, and schedule queries. The DA Toolkit is also used as a tool to monitor process quality by searching for any anomalies that can be seen on the charts.

  • Use DA Toolkit’s search engine to find old process reports
  • Build complex queries that run on your schedule
  • Runs routinely backups of the Control It data files


Track your work load throughout the facility

  • Real time location of all work orders
  • Fully documents ewhen a work order entered and left a tank