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Specialized in Anodizing Rectifier Control

We offer an affordable collection of software products that provide solutions for controlling your anodizing lines. Built with the metal finishing industry in mind, our software allows you to more consistently achieve your quality control standards by limiting human error and running the anodizing control for you.

Affordable Software

Mickabooh provides affordable, yet effective software for metal finishers.

Simple Solutions

In order to prevent frustration, our software is easy to use and effective.

Consistent Quality

Improve your shop's consistency by automating your titanium or aluminum anodizing processes.

Our Products

Control It is our rectifier control software designed to provide consistent anodizing control. Operate multiple rectifiers from a single workstation without manually controlling the rectifiers. With Control It, you can create programs that will consistently control your rectifiers regardless of shift or operator.

  • Create programs with ramp, hold and pulse instructions to control your rectifiers
  • Guaranteed consistency regardless of the operator
  • Interface directly with your existing equipment
  • Automatically uploads all run data and reports to the DA Toolkit (Enterprise+ subscription required)

Schedule titration and pH testing and manage the bath chemistry for your shop

  • Record titration and pH test results for any tank your shop has
  • Track how much chemical each tank is using, and how much it costs
  • Deep Data Analysis tool allows you to see the data exactly how you need
  • Flexible reports let you graph, find, and print trends

Our Enterprise+ subscription is the optional premium plan for Control It. This plan pushes data from all of the other listed applications to the cloud, ready to be accessed from any machine with an internet connection.

  • Store your data on secure cloud servers
  • Store multiple facilities data in the same location, and view it from any computer with Mickabooh software
  • Gain access to the DA Toolkit/Webkit, which includes our advanced data analysis tools.

About Mickabooh Systems

Mickabooh Systems is an industrial automation software company that has over 30 years of experience creating software and 15 years of experience creating software specifically for the metal finishing industry. We are dedicated in continuing to expand our capabilities and services in the metal finishing industry, with our goal of improving quality for our customers through consistency and documentation. The Mickabooh System is designed as a scalable control and tracking software package, that gives anodizers a rich set of tools and options to control and monitor process quality and throughout quality.

We specialize in the Anodizing process with the Mickabooh Control and Tracking system that controls multiple rectifiers from a single workstation as well as records all processes that can be further analyzed for quality assurance.

Even though the system is specially designed for the anodizing process, the control and tracking system can be adapted to other metal finishing processes that utilize manually operated rectifiers.

Kevin Bodily

“Having a good product only goes so far though. Mickabooh Systems goes beyond its products and has a ‘roll-up-the-sleeves and let’s get busy’ attitude. The work won’t do itself, so when need be done, we will get our hands dirty to get the job done.”

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TOMZ Corperation

“They are a very reliable and highly dependable company to work with. If we have a question or need software expertise, Mickabooh Systems is extremely quick to follow up with answers to any questions or issues we have.”

Gary Labbe
I.T. Manager

Anodizing Specialists Inc.

"We have seen a great reduction in the burn rate of delicate parts using the controllers pulsing ability!"

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AnC Precision

"We recently used Mickabooh Systems to write the software for the control of our PTS-100 and we are very pleased with the results. Mickabooh Systems displayed a professional attitude and a great work ethic while working with us to iron out our PLC specifications."

Santa Clara Plating

"Their Toolkit has saved us 15-20 hours a week by automating our data analysis."