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Schedule and manage your bath chemistry

Chem It is an extremely versatile piece of software that comes with scheduling features for chemical analysis, including titration and pH testing for production lines.  The scheduling offers the versatility of future scheduling on tests from minutes to years in the future, and allows the user to change the view to show all scheduled items from one day, week, month, or even a year.  Customize it to show only the hours your shop is in operation, for easier viewing.

Recording test results is as easy as clicking on the titrate now icon or the record pH icon and entering the test values, and if titrating, there is the option in the popup window to also record pH, to save time.  The analytics can also track the chemical additions on individual tanks, and keep track of multiple lines, tanks, and track multiple chemical properties. Chem It provides easy to use drop down menus to access TDS and MSDS technical documents for metal finishing chemicals. Chem It stores the test data for analysis later, as well as generating easy to read reports for whatever time frame you want.

One of Chem It’s most valuable tools are its analytics.  Many shop owners want to track process costs. Chem It allows you to keep track of a multitude of chemicals; you just enter the cost of your chemical, and Chem It can track the amount of the chemical used, and therefore cost of that chemical per add.  The data manipulation features of Chem It’s analytics window allow you to see your recorded results in any way you would like.

Chem It is so easy to use and is flexible enough to be a custom software, with an “off the shelf” price. Its analytics, easy to read graphical reports make Chem It a valuable resource for your company.