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AMFAdvanced Metal Finishing, an anodizing leader for the aerospace industry operating Type II and Type III rectifiers for Aluminum and Titanium, selected Mickabooh to control their new titanium anodizing line.

The installation, brought online at AMF’s Roseville, California location in the Summer of 2015, included Mickabooh’s wet-process monitoring and documentation software, Protrak.

Mickabooh’s Protrak software is customizable, allowing clients to select the tank parameters to be monitored and recorded. Taking advantage of Protrak’s flexibility, Advanced Metal Finishing chose to go beyond the standard monitoring of tank immersion times and have the system also record the minimum, maximum, average, and standard deviation of temperature for each load while the load was in a given bath.

Protrak, originally designed for anodizers, can monitor and document any industrial wet process. For more information call us at (775)265-0622.