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Mickabooh Systems would like to announce the successful installation of our flag ship product, The Mickabooh Control System for Anodizers at Blue Streak Finishers. Blue Streak Finishers, a is a NADCAP accredited facility and is an anodizing leader in the aerospace industry for the greater Seattle area. The company uses 30 foot tanks and offers Type I and Type II anodizing as well as various other passive and painting processes.

The Mickabooh Control System has been installed on Blue Streak’s new process line that will control and monitor Type III processes bath as well as a Tartaric/Sulfuric anodizing bath. Both of these baths will controlled with our programmable logic controller and our specialized software created specifically for anodizers. Our software will provide them with complete documentation of the primary process bath including all of the process variables that are important to the industry. They will also benefit from our proprietary burning and arcing alarms so that when problems do arise the process can be stopped before real damage to the parts occur.

Using our process control system, they will be assured of consistent coatings with reduced operator errors. Because the control system is completely programmable, Blue Streak will develop programs for their parts that will consistently control the process regardless of the operator. Also because they will be able to program the process to run by current density, slight changes in process variables such as chemistry, bussing, bath temperature and agitation will all be eliminated yielding much more consistent results.

Blue Streak Finishers will also benefit from our experience in the anodizing process and we will be there to support and help them in whatever way we can. With over 10 years experience in the industry, we have helped a number of our customers create better, more consistent coating in less time and we hope to continue a positive relationship with Blue Streak for many years to come.