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Scheduling an Analysis

To Schedule tests, use the View tab to focus in on the date, then time you wish to schedule the test. 

For example, first select month view because the test is a week and a half away, select the day, then use the Day View option to break the selected day into hourly segments that you can schedule into by right clicking to select the time you wish to schedule the test and select the Schedule Analysis option from the drop down menu. 

This process works the same for titration or pH, just select which test will be performed in the pop-up window that appears after selecting Schedule Analysis.  Then choose the line and tank.  If titrating, you will also select the chemical, but if recording pH, only select the line and tank.  You also have a chance to edit the time or date for the test in this window, rather than having to delete and start again.  The scheduler has a recurrence option as well to make routine scheduling easier and by clicking on the recurrence button, you can view the recurrence options.