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The DA Toolkit is one of our most useful and most versatile products and is the data analysis portion of Mickabooh System’s collection of products.  It is a companion application to our Control It product.  With the DA Toolkit, you can keep track of your data, and you can query the data later in almost unlimited ways.  Most importantly, you can decide what information is most important and create your own widgets to track that information.  The DA Toolkit is as versatile as any of the other products in our lineup.  We allow you to decide what information is important and let you decide what to do with it and how to use it most effectively for you.

Some statistics a shop owner may be interested in:

  • Total run time on a rectifier daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Total amp hours on a rectifier daily, weekly, monthly, etc.


By using our unique grid filtering and easy to use grid grouping tools, the data can be even more useful and valuable to you.  Some examples of using widgets with grid grouping and grid filtering are:

  • Track an operator’s productivity in a time span
  • Track total productivity of an entire shift over a month, or a year

With the DA Toolkit, you can also view your rectifiers running in real time on a remote computer.

Our goal, at Mickabooh Systems LLC, is to allow you the tools to streamline your production process and therefore increase your production output while minimizing production costs