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We have been working with Anodizing Specialist for over 10 years, and we are very proud and thankful for the relationship we have built.

Here is their testimonial about us and our equipment:

We have been running our controllers provided by Mickabooh Systems for many years now and are very happy with the product and support that comes with it.

We have 4 rectifiers running all the time with multiple operators, and having this equipment has alleviated many of our quality concerns. We are no longer worried about how each operator controls the rectifiers because it is all handled by Mickabooh’s equipment. With the equipment we can create any rectifier output we need and have seen a great reduction in the burn rate of delicate parts using the controllers pulsing ability.

The documentation provided by the controller has also help us. We can use the Companion toolkit to look at our processes and figure out how to make scheduling changes and spot quality issues. In one case having the documentation helped explain problems with a customer’s parts and saved the day!

The support provided for the equipment by Mickabooh Systems is suburb. Whenever an issue comes up, or if we have a questions, their technical support is always available. We have even asked for specific features in the software that would help us, and Mickabooh Systems made them available as a free update.

Michael Pecjak

VP Operations

Anodizing Specialist