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Mickabooh provides PLC Programming for the PTS-100

We are proud to have AnC Precision as one of our clients. We have worked with them to develop their products and handle the PLC programming. AnC provides automated tube sealing and test equipment.


Here is what they have to say about us,

AnC Precision manufactures small bench top instruments for the tube packaging industry and we recently used Mickabooh Systems to write the software for the control of our PTS-100 and we are very pleased with the results.  Mickabooh Systems displayed a professional attitude and a great work ethic while working with us to iron out our PLC specifications. They worked very quickly, and gave us a working version within just a couple of days.  When we had design changes, he came to our shop and worked with us to implement those changes on short notice. We are very pleased with the results and are planning on using Mickabooh Systems for future projects.

Joey Gmuender
Mechanical Engineer
AnC Precision Machining Inc.

A word from Anodizing Specialist

We have been working with Anodizing Specialist for over 10 years, and we are very proud and thankful for the relationship we have built.


Here is their testimonial about us and our equipment,

We have been running our controllers provided by Mickabooh Systems for many years now and are very happy with the product and support that comes with it.

We have 4 rectifiers running all the time with multiple operators, and having this equipment has alleviated many of our quality concerns. We are no longer worried about how each operator controls the rectifiers because it is all handled by Mickabooh’s equipment. With the equipment we can create any rectifier output we need and have seen a great reduction in the burn rate of delicate parts using the controllers pulsing ability.

The documentation provided by the controller has also help us. We can use the Companion toolkit to look at our processes and figure out how to make scheduling changes and spot quality issues. In one case having the documentation helped explain problems with a customer’s parts and saved the day!

The support provided for the equipment by Mickabooh Systems is suburb. Whenever an issue comes up, or if we have a questions, their technical support is always available. We have even asked for specific features in the software that would help us, and Mickabooh Systems made them available as a free update.

Michael Pecjak

VP Operations

Anodizing Specialist

Mickabooh Systems solves problems at TOMZ Corporation

Mickabooh’s most recent success story took place this November in Berlin, Connecticut at TOMZ Corporation, a manufacturer of titanium products for the medical, aerospace, and healthcare industries.

TOMZ was not satisfied with a Titanium anodizing line’s performance. The operatator interface was small and confusing, and the hoist was repeatedly dropping racks.

Mickabooh Systems was contacted by TOMZ to help work through these problems. We eventually replaced the operator interface, seamlessly swapping out the substandard unit with Mickabooh’s own industry-leading HMI. The new interface provided better hoist homing and positioning and significantly reduced hoist problems.

AMF uses Mickabooh Systems to control their Titanium Anodizing line

Advanced Metal Finishing, an anodizing leader for the aerospace industry, operating Type II and Type III rectifiers, for Aluminum and Titanium, selected Mickabooh to control their new titanium anodizing line.

The installation, brought online at AMF’s Roseville, California location in the Summer of 2015, included Mickabooh’s wet-process monitoring and documentation software, Protrak.

Mickabooh’s Protrak software is customizable, allowing clients to select the tank parameters to be monitored and recorded. Taking advantage of Protrak’s flexibility, Advanced Metal Finishing chose to go beyond the standard monitoring of tank immersion times and have the system also record the minimum, maximum, average, and standard deviation of temperature for each load while the load was in a given bath.

Protrak, originally designed for anodizers, can monitor and document any industrial wet process. For more information call us at (775)265-0622.

AI Industries Expands its Mickabooh Presence

In 2013 AI Industries, an anodizing leader for the semiconductor industry with operations in Redwood City, California, chose Mickabooh Systems to control its Type II, Type III, and mixed acid anodizing lines.

AI operated those anodizing lines under Mickabooh Systems control for over a year, clearly experiencing the benefits Mickabooh’s control and tracking systems offer. So when AI decided to expand their capabilities at their shop in Pflugerville, Texas, they contacted us.

Mickabooh worked closely with AI management to help them achieve their goals. In October of this year we successfully installed a second control system at the AI facilities in Pflugerville. Both anodizing systems are currently up and running precisely as designed.

Announcing the successful installation at Blue Streak Finishers LTD.

Mickabooh Systems would like to announce the successful installation of our flag ship product, The Mickabooh Control System for Anodizers at Blue Streak Finishers. Blue Streak Finishers, a is a NADCAP accredited facility and is an anodizing leader in the aerospace industry for the greater Seattle area. The company uses 30 foot tanks and offers Type I and Type II anodizing as well as various other passive and painting processes.

The Mickabooh Control System has been installed on Blue Streak’s new process line that will control and monitor Type III processes bath as well as a Tartaric/Sulfuric anodizing bath. Both of these baths will controlled with our programmable logic controller and our specialized software created specifically for anodizers. Our software will provide them with complete documentation of the primary process bath including all of the process variables that are important to the industry. They will also benefit from our proprietary burning and arcing alarms so that when problems do arise the process can be stopped before real damage to the parts occur.

Using our process control system, they will be assured of consistent coatings with reduced operator errors. Because the control system is completely programmable, Blue Streak will develop programs for their parts that will consistently control the process regardless of the operator. Also because they will be able to program the process to run by current density, slight changes in process variables such as chemistry, bussing, bath temperature and agitation will all be eliminated yielding much more consistent results.

Blue Streak Finishers will also benefit from our experience in the anodizing process and we will be there to support and help them in whatever way we can. With over 10 years experience in the industry, we have helped a number of our customers create better, more consistent coating in less time and we hope to continue a positive relationship with Blue Streak for many years to come.